Hearing the word….Don’t

How many times growing up did we hear our parents tell us not to do something? Don’t climb that tree. Don’t go past such and such. Don’t lift that. Don’t do that. Growing up, I’m sure we all heard those statements; however, they may have been more exclamations at times. Moving into adult hood, the same question is asked. Don’t take that highway. Don’t drive fast. Don’t forget to eat or drink that. And the list can continue on and on. Once again, I’m sure we have heard them. Then the question arises. Did we follow the guidance or go against what we were told to do and did our own thing.

In my personal life, with this kidney/pancreas transplant, I was told don’t lift more than 10 lbs for three months. I was always one that enjoyed manual labor. Give me a shovel and I’ll dig a hole. Tell me that piece if pipe needs to be moved over there. I’d pick it up and move it. I enjoyed being horseback. Using ever muscle in my body to be one with your horse. I find passion knowing that I had the strength to do these things. And when I heard I could not do these for three months I was saddened.

In my almost three months of not doing a thing. I’ve learned alot. I felt both sides of the spectrum. I’ve seen the positive and how it outweighed the negative. All those things I enjoyed doing for years before, I’m about to embark on in less than 3 weeks.

My sister, for kind of a gag gift She bought me a ten lb kettlebell weight, I picked it up and was pretty sure it weighed at least 50 lbs.

So the struggle to getting back to where I was will be a feat in itself. But I realize why the doctors wanted me to not lift over 10 lbs. They dont want you to tear your abdomen and create other problems in time. Like I said before. Itll be quite the time regaining my strength. Relearning what muscles to use. And learning what muscles are non existent at that time. When I get horseback, I’m pretty sure I’ll have to have someone saddle my horse for me. And theres always the chance of having someone give me a push into my seat. Once I’m there. It will all be me. Quick thoughts, keen mind, and going slow. I’m more than likely going to be riding just like a baby is sitting on a horses back. But oh the smile on my face, the joy in my heart, and the faith in my soul will tell my whole story for all to see.

If you’re told to not do something medically speaking. Follow the guidelines. Keep your faith. Stay positive. Find the good in everything. And remember… Be a sunflower, and find the sunshine!

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I'm just a guy with a new lease on life. Full of stories and reflections. Here to spread some positivity in this not so positive thinking world.

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