The Perfect Ending… Finally

A writer is merely just a reader that had the guts to be read, and, heard.

Makokoma Mokhonoana

I don’t know anybody on this earth that doesn’t know what an ending is. We all have them. We all dread them in some way or another. We dread them because we don’t know when the end is coming. The ending always come at, what seems to be, a very inopportune time in our life, such as a relationship ending, the family dog dying, or even family members dying in a car crash. An ending never asks when is a good time for you to be finished with such and such. I’ve never heard of a perfect ending other than in Hollywood movies. But we know that’s all fake but it sure does look good.

Well I think I’ve personally witnessed the perfect ending. Yes, The temporary ending to a horrible good disease. I’ll break this sentence down as we go along. So buckle up buttercup and lets go for a ride. let me Explain this first, I had diabetes and end stage renal failure, aka kidney disease. I got a new Kidney and new pancreas October 30, 2019, so let’s get back to the oddball sentence. First of all, I started with,”temporary.” I say temporary because it may only last a few years, or it could last till I am 93. So the word temporary is used quite loosely but rather strong in the same instance. Secondly, I said,”temporary ending,” Like is a before, could be a short time or a very long time. but either way it’s an ending as off right now, and i’m thoroughly enjoying it!! Thirdly, I said, “horrible.” I say this because it’s true It is a horrible disease. Diabetes. Absolutely. Sucks. I will never forget the finger sticks , the up all nights, the bathroom trips, the “you can’t eat that,” the “but you don’t look like a diabetic”, the lows, the mood swings, the rejections from people once they found out I was “sick”, the explaining the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes. I won’t forget the way some people treated me. The way they thought I had to be handled with care. The feeling of not being able to go anywhere or do what I want will always remain in my brain. The next adjective I used was, “good”. Why would I say good after I used the word horrible? I use it because it was good. It was good for me stay close to my family, have something to take care of, something to talk about, and something to deal with. All I ever wanted to do after I graduated high school was leave home and never look back. Not necessarily run off but I wanted to see if the world was indeed round. Through this disease I stuck around, I still traveled but not as far as i originally intended. I had fun. I had something to manage on a personal daily account. If I chose to not obey then I wouldn’t be here, right now, writing this, for you to read. Diabetes gave me something to talk about, I was a shy kid growing up, and I suppose I still am. Having diabetes gave me something to share about having struggles when everyone thought my only care in the world was why I didn’t eat that whole cherry pie, when I was skinny enough, they thought I needed it. That disease gave me something to deal with. It gave me a backbone, a mean left hook, and a figurative strong chin that could land any punch given to me. When I had negative Nancies in my life that didn’t know what I was going through, I stayed true to being positive. When those negative people thought I could be better at managing my illness, I knew that I was doing the best I could. I didn’t falter, I didn’t because I wouldn’t let myself. So that’s why stated, a temporary ending to a horrible good disease.

I personally don’t know many Type 1 diabetics, but if do, cheer them on. Tell them how good they look. How bad to the bone they are. I mean type 1 diabetics are pretty hardcore in reality., but its nice to hear those words every once in awhile. Life ain’t easy being so sweet. To all you diabetics out there, you are the bomb dot com. Keep your head held high. I know it sucks, i was there for just over 23 years. I have the finger prick scars, the scar tissue where I placed my infusion sets or took shots, and i have the memories. 23 years of checking 4 times a day is 33,580 finger pricks and thats not counting all the trips to the hospital and they checked it every hour. Fight the goof fight. Your perfect Ending is coming, and when it comes, the new beginning will be pretty exciting.

I love you all, may God Bless! Be a sunflower and find the sunshine in everything!!

Published by Arlyn

I'm just a guy with a new lease on life. Full of stories and reflections. Here to spread some positivity in this not so positive thinking world.

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